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Roskamp Institute is Part of a Great Technology Cluster

Florida Trend has recently published a lengthy article on the growing technology cluster in the Tampa Bay region in its September 24th article “Tampa Bay: Research Reigns.”  The Roskamp Institute adds to the area’s biotech sector as it researches cures for neuropsychiatric and neurodegenerative disorders and has a new neuroscience doctoral research program.

Visit the Roskamp Institute site to learn more.


Roskamp Institute Receives Lung Cancer Research Grant

The James & Esther King Biomedical Research Program has awarded Dr. Daniel Paris of The Roskamp Institute the Small Business Technology Transfer Grant for $100,000 to conduct a research project titled: “Treatment of Lung Adenocarcinoma and Metastasis by Anti-angiogenic Fragments of Abeta.”  The Institute has previously shown that the Abeta peptite can help inhibit the growth of blood vessels near tumors.  This project aims to develop lung cancer treatment clinical trials using the peptide.

To learn more about this project please visit the Roskamp Institute’s news release.  You can also read more about this in the Tampa Bay Business Journal article titled “Roskamp Institute wins grant for lung cancer research.”

Roskamp Institute Recognized for Its Beautification Efforts

The Sarasota Herald Tribune reported yesterday that the Roskamp Institute was nominated for an Image Manatee Beautification Award. The Manatee Chamber of Commerce recognizes local businesses and organizations each quarter that contribute to the natural beauty of the area through their building design, use of drought-resistant landscaping, and other factors.

Visit the Roskamp Institute website to learn more about the research that it does.

Roskamp Institute Helps Florida’s Economy, a site covering business issues, explained in its article “SOUTHWEST: Eye Opener” on April 1st that the Roskamp Institute’s new neuroscience doctorate program is attracting researchers to Manatee County, which is suffering from layoffs in the home construction sector. These researchers and the facility’s work help bring more money to the county’s economy.

Learn more at the Roskamp Institute website.

Roskamp Institute Supports Moves for Greater State Funding of Biotech Research

Roskamp Institute Director Dr. Michael Mullan was one of many who represented the biotech industry at the Biotechnology Legislative Caucus yesterday to request more state funding in helping the industry thrive in the state. This is important to Florida this would help the state diversify its economy more, and many organizations within the state have active projects. For instance, the institute is testing Nilvadipine, an experimental drug aimed at treating early-onset Alzheimer’s disease, and has other projects.

You can read more about the Biotechnology Legislative Caucus in the Tallahasee Democrat‘s article “Florida biotech industry leaders call for ‘next step’” and Bradenton Herald‘s “Biotech touted as key to future,” both of which were published today.

The Roskamp Insitute website also has more information.

Roskamp Institute Looking for Alzheimer’s Clinical Trial Participants

As reported in today’s Bradenton Herald, the Roskamp Institute is searching for clinical trial participants for two potential Alzheimer’s disease treatments. Bapineuzumab and ELND005 are being tested; both hope to successfully remove plaque from the brain which helps cause the condition. For more information please visit the Roskamp Institute Clinical Trial Division web page.

The Roskamp Institute Plans Alzheimer’s Treatment Trial

The Sarasota Herald-Tribune reports today in an article titled “In quest to unravel Alzheimer’s, drug may soon be tested locally” that The Roskamp Institute is planning to conduct a clinical trial of a potential Alzheimer’s disease treatment this summer. It will occur in the Sarasota, Florida area, where the Institute is located.