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Roskamp Institute Gulf War Illness research program

Dr. Crawford presented the Roskamp Institute Gulf War Illness research program to the Research Advisory Committee on Gulf War veterans illnesses on June 28-29th at the Veterans Administration in Washington, DC. Her presentation included details of genomic and proteomic analyses of laboratory models of exposure to agents that have been implicated in GWI, which is targeted toward identification of plasma biomarkers and molecular targets for therapeutic intervention. Other speakers included Captain Melissa Kaime, M.D., Director of the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program, Dr. William Goldberg, Scientific Program Manager for the VA Office of Research and Development, and Mr. John Gingrich, Chief of Staff at the Department of Veterans Affairs. The Committee is chaired by Mr. James Binns, a former Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy, and a Vietnam veteran. Other committee members include Dr. Floyd Bloom, Professor Emeritus of the Scripps Research Institute, Dr. Kimberly Sullivan of Boston University School of Public Health and Scientific Coordinator for the Committee, and Mr. Anthony Hardie, Executive Assistant of the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs, and a Gulf War and Somalia veteran.