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Roskamp Institute Helps Florida’s Economy, a site covering business issues, explained in its article “SOUTHWEST: Eye Opener” on April 1st that the Roskamp Institute’s new neuroscience doctorate program is attracting researchers to Manatee County, which is suffering from layoffs in the home construction sector. These researchers and the facility’s work help bring more money to the county’s economy.

Learn more at the Roskamp Institute website.


Roskamp Institute Supports Moves for Greater State Funding of Biotech Research

Roskamp Institute Director Dr. Michael Mullan was one of many who represented the biotech industry at the Biotechnology Legislative Caucus yesterday to request more state funding in helping the industry thrive in the state. This is important to Florida this would help the state diversify its economy more, and many organizations within the state have active projects. For instance, the institute is testing Nilvadipine, an experimental drug aimed at treating early-onset Alzheimer’s disease, and has other projects.

You can read more about the Biotechnology Legislative Caucus in the Tallahasee Democrat‘s article “Florida biotech industry leaders call for ‘next step’” and Bradenton Herald‘s “Biotech touted as key to future,” both of which were published today.

The Roskamp Insitute website also has more information.