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Sarasota’s Roskamp Institute Welcomes U.S. Senator Bill Nelson

U.S. Senator Bill Nelson toured the laboratories and discussed the various types of research currently being conducted at the Roskamp Institute.

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Senator Nelson Visit Roskamp Institute

Melanie Marquez, a reporter at the Bradenton Herald, reports that Senator Bill Nelson of Florida visited Roskamp Institute yesterday. The institute was recently funded $1.5 million by the US Department of Defense to conduct research in Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Roskamp Institute research work may help soldiers like those in Iraq who suffer injury due to IED s.  “Increasingly, you don’t know about a traumatic brain injury until it manifests itself sometime later,” Nelson, D-Fla., said. “And that’s going to be increasingly a problem with soldiers coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan.” You can read the article here….

Roskamp Institute Aims to Help Injured Soldiers

Jeremy Willis of the Herald Tribune reports that U.S. Senator Bill Nelson is touring Florida during his congressional August vacation, and Melanie Marquez of the Bradenton Times explains that Nelson learned during his visit to the Roskamp Institute yesterday that it is conducting federally funded research that could help soldiers with traumatic brain injuries. The research also aims to stave off a related protein build up that Alzheimer’s Disease sufferers have.

British Experts Question Need for Baby Scans

Clare Murphy, BBC health reporter, explains that the procedure to see if a fetus has Down Syndrome is being questioned by British experts since the test can cause a miscarriage of normal babies.

Chromosomes Shed New Light on Down Syndrome

A recent study conducted by scientists in the United States and Portugal have found that BubR1, which affects cell division, apparently plays a role when sperm and egg chromosomes split and form.  Apparently, BubR1 causes the chromosomes to mutate and, thus, help led to a person suffering from Down Syndrome.

Down Syndrome Patient Learning New Skills

St. Louis area Down Syndrome patient Colin Goodwin, 18, spent his summer exploring three different jobs while volunteering at a local fire station, reports the Southwest County Journal. St. Louis Arc’s Neighborhood Experiences program matches people like Goodwin who have cognitive conditions with local businesses and organizations to help them develop job skills and establish meaningful relationships.

Novartis Required to Correct Advertising

Reuters reports that US health officials have required Novartis AG to correct misleading information in its advertising and marketing campaign for its Alzheimer’s drug Exelon. The questioned information was printed on file cards distributed to health care professionals.