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Clinical Trial Information

The US Federal Government’s site is an excellent source of information about various medical tests.


Sarkozy Vows to Defeat Alzheimer’s

The Associated Press reports that French President Nicholas Sarkozy has declared his commitment to curing Alzhemier’s Disease as he visited a retirement home and geriatric hospital wing in Dax, France. Before winning this year’s election, he in May asserted the importance of “doctors with the means to find the solution. The objective must be the discovery, in France, of valid means of diagnosis and a treatment of unquestionable effectiveness.”

Study: Spice can help Alzheimer’s Patients

According to Reuters, Dr. Milan Fiala of the Greater Los Angeles Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center found in a laboratory study that a chemical found in the common curry spice turmeric can help boost the immune system of Alzheimer’s Disease patients.  Hopefully, these findings are accurate since tumeric is a cheap, readily available substance.

Want a job in science research?

If you’re looking for a science research job, check out the Roskamp Institute careers page.

Roskamp Institute Tries to Improve Life of Alzheimer’s Suffers

In an upbeat article from February about the prospects of those who suffer from Down Syndrome and Alzheimer’s Disease, Stephanie Hayes of The St. Petersburg Times explains how the Roskamp Institute‘s trial of a new treatment for Alzheimer’s could further improve the life of those who have the disease.


Neuropsychology — which examines how human behavior, cognition, and emotion relate to the brain — is one of many fields that the Roskamp Institute uses to address health issues related to memory and Alzeheimer’s. For more information about it, read the journal titled Neuropsychology.

Study: Alzheimer’s Cases May Quadruple by 2050

John Hopkins University found that Alzheimer’s cases may quadruple by 2050 in a study funded by Elan Pharmaceuticals and Wyeth Pharmaceuticals.